Sweat Training by Danielle Korb

Personal Training

Individualized training in a team setting. High intensity circuit training, catered to your body & skill level. Speed, body weight, machines, balance, agility, coordination, & free weights. 55 minutes of sweat that is the foundation for your training plan.

Sweat Training's group personal training gets you in your target heart rate zone of 65% - 85% of your heart rate max for 46 minutes of this 55 minute individualized workout. This is optimal intensity for calorie & fat burning. Not only do you burn calories during the class, but unlike cardio you also burn fat for 1-2 days after, with an increased resting metabolism of 3% for up to 3 days post workout. This is an effective & results driven individualized group personal training workout.


Group Personal Training M-F 6am - 2pm & M - TH 5pm-7pm.

Appointments are required at sweat training, click below to register online prior to arrival.

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